Community Faith Project Grants


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The following links are to serve as examples to help generate ideas that you could tailor to work with your congregations and communities:

Community Faith Summit Project Ideas

Neighborhood / Park Clean up – creates a healthy living environment

Join together with faith-based youth group, and students of neighborhood school (with adult leaders as well) to do a neighborhood clean-up project at the local park on one particular day.

Career Fair – Opens minds to all the possibilities

Church leaders and members. Check with your adopted neighborhood school and see when they hold their career fair. Sign up as many people from your church as possible, especially from various career backgrounds.

Rotary Read In – education and community development

Church leaders and members sign up at your ‘adopted neighborhood school, to read at the Rotary Read In. Buy extra books to leave at the school.

Concert in the Park – building relationship in a healthy atmosphere

Church cover the cost to bring in a local children’s band- Stockton has several – the Knock-on Wood Players”, Kudo’s theater, to perform at a Concert in the Park type of event. Can be held at the school, the church or the neighborhood park. Provide hot dogs, popcorn or refreshments. Students and members of the church can bring out their blankets and lawn chairs and get to know each other, while enjoying a nice evening in the neighborhood. The county library has connections to musical groups and other types of performances.

Invitation – education and collaboration

Invite your neighborhood school principal to come and speak to your congregation to share successes, challenges and vision of their school.

Adopt a teacher – relationship building and education support

Adopt a teacher at your neighborhood school. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a member of the congregation adopt a teacher at the neighborhood school and check in with them on a monthly basis to assist in any way possible? Help with school supplies, reading to students.

Senior Service – helping neighbors in need.

Church and Students identify seniors that live in the neighborhood that could use some help with mowing/lawn support, or meal/grocery delivery.

Build a Neighborhood Free Little Library

Host and cover the cost of building six free little libraries. Engage church and school students to come together on a Saturday to build (already cut – just need to be nailed), paint and determine places for them to be placed. Plan a book drive to fill the little libraries and coordinate efforts so that school and church have plans to keep them monitored and filled.

FOR THE BIRDS – Fun activity for relationship building

Plan a day for Students at the School and kids at the Church to make bird feeders of pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed and the give to neighbors in the neighborhood.

Plan a Neighborhood / Church Fun Run

Promote and plan a fun run with school and church in the neighborhood. Complete with prizes.

Organize a neighborhood Safety Fair

Invite local police, fire and other organizations to come out and give out information, play basketball with the kids and get to know your neighborhood. You can include the library book mobile, and other community services that would be willing to come out and join in the fun.

Socktober sock drive – helps those in need

Meet and collaborate with your neighborhood School, Church and Residents to host a Socktober event and collect new warm socks of all sizes. Communicate with each other on the length of campaign. Agree upon beneficiary. Have Students design the flier – Put donation bins at school and church. Select representatives from both church and school to make the delivery or have representative from the organization come out and speak with church and student leaders (together at the school) about their organization and what it means to them.

Garden Project – Faith-based organizations help students create a garden on school, church, or park grounds. Church members can teach the students how to plant a garden and work together during the year. Perhaps students can create a school farmer’s market where they sell their produce.

Adopt a park – Faith- based organization to work with school on adopting a nearby park. This can include monthly park clean-ups, monthly activities such as yoga, Zumba, or cultural dances to integrate with classroom learning.

Neighborhood Block Resource Event (Post COVID or w/limited number of guests socially distanced) – Faith-based organization and school to choose an area in the neighborhood to have a block resource event. Members of faith facility and school find a need in their neighborhood and provide community residents adequate resources. Ex: If need is food and clothes, organize a food and clothing drive. Open the event up to the neighborhood.

After-school Help – Local school and church can partner to provide after-school resources or classes for youth that are not part of the school curriculum. Tools include financial literacy, relationship building, resume building, college/FAFSA application assistance

School Supply Drive – School and faith-based organization team up to collect school supplies and distribute to students in need

Acts of Kindness - Faith-based organization to team up with school to collect and distribute resources for the homeless. The two can also collaborate with non-profits like a mobile shower, mobile barber shop, and mobile laundromat, bike repair shop to offer free bike repairs to homeless, etc.

Arts & Craft Night – Relationship building & mental health – school, parks & rec, and faith-based organization to hold a paint night type of event in a park, school or church ground. Students and their families to attend. Snacks can be served and have music playing in the background.

Williams Brotherhood Park – For faith-based organizations within a one-mile radius of Williams Brotherhood Park in Stockton - Reinvent South Stockton Coalition (RSSC) is working with local partners and residents to beautify Williams Brotherhood Park. They are looking for assistance in resident outreach and engagement, understanding community needs, holding events, and organizing ongoing programs and activities to increase health and well-being. Please reach out to McKenna Thompson ( if you are interested in learning more or if you are already working in Williams Brotherhood Park and want to collaborate with the RSSC.

Advocacy/Education - Stockton Housing Justice Coalition: The Housing Justice Coalition is a resident-centered organization that empowers Stocktonians to advocate for policies and solutions that protect tenants and promote affordable housing through skill-building, education, organizing, and storytelling. Coalition members include Faith in the Valley, Residents United Network, Fair Housing San Joaquin, and others. If you are interested in receiving our newsletter, sharing your own housing story, or would like to get involved in housing justice work in Stockton, please contact Helen Eldred (

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