The Ripple Effect - a community faith summit - presenting sponsor Adventist Health

Join us for The Ripple Effect, a Community Faith Summit that is bringing us together to do great things in our San Joaquin County neighborhoods. We will gather online to be encouraged and motivated by keynote speaker Bubba Paris, a three-time Super Bowl champion. Community leaders, like Pastor Robert T. Schlipp, Dr. Traci Miller, Carol Ornelas and Jake and Alison McGregor from the 180 Teen Center, along with guest appearances from Stockton Mayor Kevin Lincoln, and Lodi Mayor Alan Nakanishi, will inspire us to get involved, develop relationships and build up our neighborhoods.

William "Bubba" Paris

Keynote Speaker: William “Bubba” Paris

Be inspired by the leadership and encouragement we will all receive from William “Bubba” Paris. A resident of San Joaquin County, Bubba is a 3-time Super Bowl Champion, inspirational and motivational speaker.

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Community Conversations

Hear four exciting stories from your community leaders that will encourage and get you excited to delve into neighborhood change, one group project at a time.

Carol J. Ornelas

Carol J. Ornelas
Visionary Home Builders

Jake and Alison McGregor

Jake and Alison McGregor
180 Teen Center

Traci Wise Miller

Traci Wise Miller

Pastor Robert T. Schlipp

Pastor Robert T. Schlipp
Radiant Life Church

From neglected to thriving neighborhood. Changing a city block.

Carol J. Ornelas, CEO, Visionary Home Builders

Bringing civic, school and church leaders together

Jake and Alison McGregor, 180 Teen Center, Lodi

Principals and pastors connect for student success

Traci Wise Miller, Ed.D, Director of Student Support Services , Stockton Unified School District

When neighbors become friends. The amazing results.

Pastor Robert T. Schlipp, Radiant Life Church, Lodi
Principal Gary Moore, Reese Elementary School, Lodi
Principal (retired) Gary Odell, Reese Elementary School, Lodi


For additional information, please call 209-957-7277

Let’s create a Ripple Effect.

“So many missed chances so much at stake, it really all depends on the kind of waves we make.

You may be just a pebble just tossed out on the lake. Something small leads to something great

You see the ripple effect stirring up the water, from his love let his good works flow

You see the ripple effect of those who need the father. Imagine just how far it can go……”

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