occupational medicine

Mobile Unit Services

Bringing medical services right to your door

Our mobile units have been traveling to the workplace for more than 18 years. We bring the doctor right to your door! Routine physical examinations like DMV physicals, respirator and asbestos exams can be done right outside your door.

Mobile hearing tests

Our mobile audiology van is available for baseline and annual hearing tests. We can screen up to six people at a time in a soundproof booth with HearTrak computerized software and training available at the time of testing. All hearing tests meet OSHA requirements and include review and follow-up as needed.

All standard reports are included in our service. All testing is conducted by CAOHC-certified audiometric technicians, with audiogram review by a board-certified occupational medicine physician. We also offer hearing conservation program development.

Respirator physicals

Respirator physicals with pulmonary function tests and respiratory fit testing that complies with OSHA Standard 1910:134 for respiratory protection can be done on our mobile medical van.

Our physicians have worked with many employers to provide a complete respiratory protection program including respirator certification physical exams, review of the respirator medical evaluation questionnaire (available in both English and Spanish), pulmonary function testing and respirator fit testing.

For your convenience, these services can be provided at your work site for a group of employees. To view the entire OSHA standard, click here.

Administering periodic physicals

Periodic physicals include the following:

  • DOT/DMV: This physical examination is for drivers requiring a commercial driver's license based on Department of Transportation requirements.
  • Hazardous material: Workers who are exposed to potentially hazardous materials such as heavy metals or who are required to wear a respirator due to dust, paint and substances in the air benefit from this type of physical. The examination is done prior to hire as well as annually, and may be done as an exit physical as well.
  • Spirometry
  • Audiometry
  • EKG (electrocardiogram)
  • Vision screening for inspectors or others whose vision is critical to your operation
  • Examinations for exposure to hazardous materials and chemicals

If you are interested in having services provided at your worksite or are interested in contracting with us to provide on-site services on a regular basis, please call (818) 502-2050.