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At Adventist Health Glendale (AHGL), nurses are the center of patient care and the embodiment of our mission to live God's love by inspiring health, wholeness, and hope. Our team of more than 1,400 registered nurses, nurse practitioners, nursing assistants and other licensed caregivers provide skilled, compassionate care on more than 20 nursing units and specialize in many different disciplines of nursing.

This team of talented individuals is led by an experienced group of leaders who foster a sense of responsibility and compassion, as well as encourage professional growth and development among AHGL nursing staff. Educational opportunities and tuition assistance enable AHGL nurses to advance their careers and hone their skills to provide our patients with the best quality care.

The Adventist Health Professional Practice Model

Professional Practice Model

The Professional Practice Model adopted throughout Adventist Health represents the complex role of the professional nurse. This Professional Practice Model has a two-fold purpose:

  • To define and support nursing control over the care environment and the delivery of care
  • To capture the values, goals and relationships that define the professional nursing identity

The Professional Practice Model helps to describe, guide, unify and measure nursing practice throughout Adventist Health Glendale. It promotes professional identity, job satisfaction, high quality and consistent nursing care, improved quality of patient and family outcomes and enhanced intra- and inter-disciplinary communication.

Our Professional Practice Model incorporates our mission and values as the foundation for all we do. It is intentionally designed to match nursing skills with patient needs as reflected by The Synergy Model for Patient Care, to demonstrate care as outlined by The Science of Caring, and to support a professional development path as seen in the From Novice to Expert theory.

To learn more about joining our team, visit our careers website for job opportunities.