heart treatment procedures

Cardiac Surgery

If you require cardiac surgery, the Heart & Vascular Institute at Adventist Health Glendale (AHGL) gives you and your physician outstanding options for both coronary artery bypass and valve replacement. Our surgical team—including surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and technicians—provide expert and compassionate care before, during and after surgery. Our surgical suites use technology that is among the most advanced in all of Los Angeles.

Our services for cardiac surgery include:

Bypass Surgery with Heart-Lung Machine

The coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) procedure utilizes a special device called a heart-lung machine that circulates blood throughout your body while your heart is stopped for repair. During the procedure, a surgeon removes a blood vessel from one part of your body—typically a vein of the leg—and grafts it into one or more of the arteries of your heart to bypass a blocked artery.

Beating Heart Surgery

Beating heart surgery, also known as off-pump coronary artery bypass, is a procedure that eliminates some of the side-effects of conventional bypass surgery with a heart-lung machine. Since surgeons can work in a very small, localized section of the heart, the entire heart no longer has to be stopped to perform surgery. As a result, the body endures less trauma and recovery is typically faster than with conventional bypass surgery.

Endoscopic Vein Harvesting

The leg incision that normally is made to remove the vein used in open heart bypass surgery can often make recovery even more painful and complicated. Now, thanks to a minimally invasive technique available at AHGL, much of the procedure can be accomplished through two or three small incisions, reducing scarring and allowing for faster recovery with less pain.

Almost all bypass patients can take advantage of endoscopic vein harvesting. If you are scheduled for a heart bypass, talk with your surgeon about this outstanding option.

Valve Replacement Surgery

If one of the valves that control the flow of blood through your heart becomes damaged or stops working correctly, your cardiologist may recommend surgery to repair or replace the valve. Your cardiologist or cardiac surgeon will give you more information about this procedure and your options.

For a referral to a AHGL cardiologist, call (818) 409-8000.