Day Treatment

interior view of living areaDay treatment at GAADS is recommended when a person needs a high degree of structure and accountability but still has a home environment that is supportive for recovery.

Many people are admitted directly to day treatment when they have had difficulty getting off of drugs or alcohol. This level of care is ideal for those who lack routine or support in their daily life, often due to the loss of job, school or family. GAADS delivers this service in three models, from three to six to 13 hours per day.

Because they often meet criterion for disability and need support against relapse and impulsivity, the most used path is 13 hours per day. People admitted to day treatment undergo extensive assessment by a physician, a nurse and counselor or therapist. Twelve-step recovery participation is required.

Following is a typical full day of day treatment at GAADS:

  • 8:45AM-Arrive at treatment program
  • 9:00AM-9:45AM - Individual reading assignment
  • 10:00AM-11:30AM - Relapse prevention, yoga, spirituality or diet instruction
  • 11:30AM-1:00PM - Lunch break and writing time
  • 1:00PM-2:30PM - First Step Group (presenting written first step guide)
  • 2:45PM-4:15PM - Process Group (presenting written treatment objectives)
  • 4:15PM-6:30PM - Dinner break and writing time
  • 6:30PM-8:15PM - Process Group or multi-family therapy
  • 9:30PM-10:00PM - AA meeting
  • 10:00PM - Depart for home

Successful completion of Phase I of day treatment usually happens following three to four weeks of this schedule, or can be coupled with a transition to intensive outpatient care. Discharge from these levels of care occurs upon completion of a written first step and treatment plan, education, 12-step recovery goals, family involvement and discharge planning. Learn more about continuing care.

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