Addiction Assessment

Effective addiction treatment can require a combination of approaches to address the addiction as well as any underlying behavioral problems. Glendale Adventist Alcohol & Drug Services (GAADS) provides five levels of care for the treatment of chemical dependencies. An assessment is the basis for an initial diagnosis that guides our clinical team to recommend an individual treatment plan. Many concerns are considered when recommending a level of care, including:

  • Alcohol and drug history
  • Family awareness and involvement
  • Living circumstances and locale
  • Employment status
  • Withdrawal potential
  • Medical necessity
  • Recovery attempts and treatment history
  • Impulsivity or relapse potential
  • Mental health
  • Legal standing
  • Public and family endangerment
  • Ability to access our services

Your initial assessment at GAADS is free and confidential. To learn more, call (818) 242-3116.

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