breast cancer treatment plan

Breast Surgery


The Adventist Health Glendale breast cancer care team knows that being diagnosed with breast cancer is a very difficult experience. That's why we work with you every step of the way to help determine which type of treatment will work best for your cancer as well as your lifestyle. Surgery is most often recommended to remove tumors from the breast; however, your surgeon will talk to you to explain various options.

Fortunately, breast cancer surgery is not always disfiguring. Advances in surgical techniques for breast cancer allows many women to complete their breast cancer treatment without significant changes to their appearance. Balancing your cancer treatment with your preferences for a cosmetic outcome is an important consideration when determining the type of surgery you will have.

The main types of breast cancer surgery include mastectomy, in which one or both breasts are completely removed, and breast conserving surgery, including lumpectomy, which attempts to preserve all or part of the breast.

The type of surgery you will have depends on many factors, including:

  • Tumor type and size
  • Tumor location
  • Tumor molecular makeup
  • Your overall health
  • Personal preferences

Together, you and your care team can decide what is best for your individual circumstances.

Many AHGL surgeons have extensive experience in different types of breast surgery. For a referral to a Breast Cancer Program surgeon at Adventist Health Glendale, call (818) 409-8000.