Beyond Loss Grief Training Program

Beyond Loss Grief TrainingGrief is one of the most daunting and inevitable changes in life. Beyond Loss Bereavement Ministry and Grief support center, has dedicated the last 30 years in providing support for the bereaved and resources for professionals working with bereaved families. We are committed to providing clergy, mental health and medical professionals with the knowledge they need to become certified in grief facilitation and help assure the best outcomes for patients and their families.

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The Beyond Loss Grief Training Program responds to the need that exists within our communities, medical centers, hospices, churches and other agencies for highly-trained, certified bereavement facilitators.

Training topics include:

  • Types of Grief
  • Qualifications for becoming a bereavement support group facilitator
  • Setting up and running grief support groups
  • In- dept processing skills
  • Anatomy and grief
  • Grief and family systems
  • Grief of children and teens
  • Working with traumatic loss
  • Health and spirituality
  • Mindfulness and grief
  • Cultural diversity in bereavement
  • Caregiver qualities and best care practices

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Faculty Presenters

SarkianAdena Sarkian, AMFT, CBF
Adena Sarkian is the Beyond Loss Bereavement Ministry Program Director. She obtained her Clinical Psychology Masters with emphasis on Marriage Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. Throughout her academic career, Adena conducted research on cultural influences affecting narrative of autobiographies. As a certified bereavement group facilitator, Adena holds great pride in supporting individuals when they are in their most vulnerable state. Adena currently facilitates grief support groups within the Beyond Loss Program at AHGL and provides counseling to individuals struggling with grief, anxiety, and depression.

For more information about the Beyond Loss Grief Training Program at AHGL, as well as upcoming training dates and times, call the AHGL Chaplains Department at (818) 409-8008.