Driver Rehabilitation & Community Mobility Program

Driving is a complex and fast-paced activity. Today's senior population is more active and mobile than past generations, but vision, strength and mobility begin to decline with age and can affect one's ability to safely get around. These changes are often difficult to accept. In response, Glendale Adventist Medical Center's Driver Rehabilitation and Community Mobility Program is designed to help people remain safe as they navigate through the community.

Additionally, our Low Vision Rehabilitation Program can provide precise training for people with visual deficits in accomplishing life tasks, including driving.

Our program provides:

  • Assessment of driving skills compromised by disability or age-related conditions
  • Driving interventions to protect the safety of the individual and the public
  • "On the Road" evaluation and instruction with a licensed driving instructor
  • Recommendation of safe, alternative methods of public and private transportation

Assessments and interventions are provided by a licensed occupational therapist and driving rehabilitation specialist.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about the Community Mobility Program at GAMC, download the brochure, or you can contact us at (818) 409-8071.

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