Hip Conditions

Treatment/Condition Definition Learn More
Artificial Hip Dislocation Precautions Learn more about which hip movements and positions should be avoided after hip surgery. Download a PDF
Artificial Joint Replacement of the Hip Replacement of the hip joint to relieve pain associated with arthritis. Download a PDF
Avascular Necrosis of the Hip Occurs when the blood supply to the hip is damaged. Download a PDF
Compression Fixation for Fractured Hip Treatment for hip fracture. Download a PDF
Femoracetabular Impingement Soft tissue around the hip socket that gets pinched or compressed. Download a PDF
Hemiarthroplasty of the Hip Commonly used surgery to treat hip fracture. Download a PDF
Hip Anatomy Learn more about the structure of the hip. Download a PDF
Hip Arthroscopy A procedure where a small video camera attached to a fiberoptic lens is inserted into the hip joint to allow a surgeon to see without making a large incision. Download a PDF
Hip Fractures Broken bone in the hip which can be life threatening among the elderly. Download a PDF
Hip Pinning Surgery Surgery to pin the fractured ends of the hip together. Download a PDF
Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty Hip replacement surgery that replaces the arthritic surfaces of the joint. Download a PDF
Labral Tears of the Hip Damage to the cartilage around the hip socket. Download a PDF
Osteoarthritis of the Hip Wearing away of the surfaces of the hip joint. Download a PDF
Rehabilitation Following Hip Fracture Surgery Activities that help you become active after hip surgery while reducing strain on the joint. Download a PDF
Revision Arthroplasty Surgery to replace an artificial hip after the first one wears out. Download a PDF
Stress Fracture of the Hip Breaks in abnormal bone after abnormal stress. Common in athletes. Download a PDF
Trochanteric Bursitis Inflammation of the bursa between the tendon and the large muscle of the hip. Download a PDF
Trochanteric Bursitis Surgery Surgery to remove the bursa, or fluid-filled sac, eliminating tension and pain caused by bursitis. Download a PDF

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