General Orthopedic Conditions

Treatment/Condition Definition Learn More
Arthritis Inflammation of the joint causing redness, heat, swelling and pain. Download a PDF
Arthroscopy Minimally invasive joint surgery. Download a PDF
Cast Care Learn the proper way to take care of your cast after suffering an injury. Download a PDF
Cumulative Trauma Disorders A group of diseases affecting the soft tissues of the body. Download a PDF
Fibromyalgia A syndrome causing widespread pain and fatigue throughout the body. Download a PDF
Gout A disease that causes the build-up of uric acid in the body. Download a PDF
Joint Injections for Arthritis An injection of medication directly into the affected joint. Download a PDF
Lyme Disease An inflammatory disease caused by tick bites. Download a PDF
Medications for Arthritis A guide to prescription and over-the-counter medications for arthritis. Download a PDF
Muscle Cramps Caused when muscle fibers contract on their own. Download a PDF
Nutraceuticals Dietary supplements. Download a PDF
Nutrition and Surgery Help your body heal well after surgery by choosing the most nutritious diet. Download a PDF
Osteoarthritis Wearing away of the cushioning cartilage between joints. Download a PDF
Osteoporosis A disease in which the bones begin losing their minerals and support beams, leaving the skeleton brittle and prone to fractures. Download a PDF
Platelet-Rich Plasma A medical treatment being used for a wide range of musculoskeletal problems. Download a PDF
Postsurgical Infection How to help prevent an infection after a surgical procedure. Download a PDF
Psoriatic Arthritis A type of joint disease that occurs in roughly people who have psoriasis (skin disease). Download a PDF
Rehabilitation for Arthritis A rehabilitation program can help you maintain and even improve your joints' strength and mobility. Download a PDF
Rheumatoid Arthritis A disease in which the immune system mostly attacks tissues in the joints, Download a PDF
Septic Arthritis An infection inside a joint that is caused by bacteria. Download a PDF
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus An autoimmune disease of the body's connective tissues. Download a PDF
Tendonitis Inflammation of a tendon caused by injury. Download a PDF
Viral Arthritis Some viruses cause joint pain and inflammation (swelling, redness, and heat). Download a PDF

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