Laboratory Services

Laboratory testing is essential to providing high quality patient care. The results from lab tests allow physicians to detect disease earlier, plan appropriate treatments and monitor results.

The Glendale Adventist Medical Center Laboratory is a full service laboratory that uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide quality test results. A wide variety of tests are performed on site---from routine screenings to the most technologically advanced tests. The lab adheres to strict internal quality control standards for equipment and testing procedures. In addition, blood cytology samples are personally reviewed by a pathologist, and when clinically significant, the findings are expeditiously discussed with the attending physician.

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The Glendale Adventist Lab is certified by Medicare and MediCal (MediCaid) and is licensed by the State of California as an Independent Clinical Laboratory. The lab follows the guidelines stipulated by the California Department of Health Services and the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act, 1988 (CLIA '88).

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To obtain your results, supplies (download a Lab Supply Order Form), request sheets, reports, special requests or any questions, call (818) 409-8317.

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