Foundation Board of Directors

The Adventist Health Glendale Foundation is led and governed by a 23-member volunteer board of directors, comprised of local leaders with expertise in health, finance, government, business and community development. Each board member brings a unique perspective to the Foundation, allowing us to create fundraising programs that will best meet each donor's individual needs and expectations.

Meet Our Members

  • Cardillo
    Anthony Cardillo, MD
  • Carvajal
    Sam Carvajal
  • Crouch
    Pat Crouch
  • Danielian
    Arsen Danielian
  • De Pietro
    Robert De Pietro
  • Dundee
    Amanda Dundee
  • Ehret
    John Ehret
  • ermshar
    Annette Ermshar, PhD
  • Gibbs
    Harlan Gibbs, MD
  • Gonda
    Eli Gonda
  • Kamajian
    Steven Kamajian
  • Kaufman
    Margaret Kaufman
  • Kesachekian
    Serjik Kesachekian
  • Koutnouyan
    Alina Koutnouyan
  • Lew
    Edmund Lew, MD
  • Marsh
    Marguerite Marsh
  • mcdonagh
    Helen McDonagh
  • miyamoto
    Mica Miyamoto
  • Parikh
    Ellor Parikh
  • pilouxmd
    Rene Pidoux, MD
  • Schultz
    Sandra Schultz
  • Tufenkian
    Gregory Tufenkian
  • Wu
    Georgiana Wu

To learn more about the Adventist Health Glendale Foundation, call (818) 409-8055.