Oak Society

The Oak Society is composed of caring individuals who ensure the quality of care provided at Adventist Health Glendale by building an endowment for the future, providing support for current and future generations and by supporting special projects and services.

For more than 100 years, Adventist Health Glendale has stood like a mighty oak with a deep-rooted commitment to providing quality care and personalized service. The Oak Society's motto, "While we live we grow," speaks to the medical center's continuing efforts to grow and adapt to ever-changing health care needs.

Financial assistance provided by the Oak Society through annual membership dues and private donations is directly responsible for contributing to the support of many special projects and services within the medical center.

Since 2005, Oak Society annual contributions have been directed toward the Oak Society Endowment Fund. This fund will provide ongoing support for equipment and/or programs.

Membership Benefits

An Oak Society badge will entitle each member to the following benefits and discounts:

  • Parking - Free visitor parking at the medical center
  • Cafeteria - Employee discount of 15%
  • Gift Shop - 10% discount on regularly priced gift items and flowers
  • Therapy & Wellness Center - Employee discount on applicable fitness classes
  • Volunteer and Senior Resources Department - Free notary services
  • Paid reservation for the Oak Society Annual Recognition Dinner

Membership Categories

  • Member $150
    Single Membership in The Oak Society and one reservation to the Annual Recognition Dinner
  • Couple $250
    Couple membership in The Oak Society and two reservations to the Annual Recognition Dinner
  • Guardian $500
    Two memberships in The Oak Society and four reservations to the Annual Recognition Dinner
  • Visionary $1,000
    Two memberships in The Oak Society and a VIP table for eight at the Annual Recognition Dinner

The Adventist Health Glendale Foundation recognizes its donors for their accumulated gifts beginning at $10,000 on the "Caring for Our Community" donor wall in the medical center's main lobby.

If you are interested in joining The Oak Society, call the Foundation at (818) 409-8055.