Matching Gifts

​Matching gift programs are set up by corporations to match donations made by their employees to eligible non-profit organizations. Donors who choose to give their charitable donations to the Adventist Health Glendale Foundation can double their donations by asking their employers for a matching gift, maximizing their gifts and doubling the good they can do for Adventist Health Glendale.

How Matching Gift Programs Work

Matching gift programs are often provided by organizations as a benefit to their full-time employees. In most cases, part-time and retired employees are also eligible. Some programs will also allow your spouse's employer to match your gift as well.

Many programs have a minimum and maximum gift that they will match, often ranging from $50-$5,000 within a calendar year. For example, if your spouse works for a company with a matching gift program and he/she donates $50 per month, the company will match the gift, resulting in a $100 donation per month. That's an extra $600 per year!

Many local corporations have matching gift programs, including Bank of America, US Bank, Verizon, State Farm, Citibank, Allstate, Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase Foundation, McDonald's and many more. To find out if you, your family members or spouse's employers have a matching gift program, ask your human resources department. Ask for a matching gift form, complete it and give it to the Adventist Health Glendale Foundation with your next gift.

Learn More

For more information, call the Foundation at (818) 409-8055. To turn in your gift and matching gift form, mail to or visit us at:

Adventist Health Glendale Foundation
1509 Wilson Terrace
Glendale, CA 91206

Our 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit ID number is 95-3899682.