COVID-19 Donation FAQs

  1. Can I send food to the doctors and nurses?
    1. We are currently under restrictions for gifts of food from outside sources, whether homemade, fast food or restaurant delivery. We are taking extra precautions to protect our frontline and clinical staff from any possibility, however slight, of exposure to COVID-19 or any communicable disease. There are 2 options for donating food.
    2. The first option is that you consider a monetary donation to fund/sponsor a meal. Our dietary team prepares specially packaged and protected meals and can deliver them safely (gloved, gowned, masked, etc.) to any of our departments. We will provide a gratitude card, along with the meal, on which you can leave a personalized message. We will even send you a photo! To donate, please visit:
    3. The second option is to purchase food through a local restaurant. There are specific instructions for donating meals from restaurants. Please email Dan Harrison at to get specific instructions.
  2. I have a contact for grants and large donations from corporations. Who do I contact for this?
    1. Please email your contact information to:
    2. Our team of professionals will contact the granting organization or company to obtain and provide all the information needed for a successful application for funding. Please be sure and leave us your name and contact information if you would like feedback or wish to provide any additional information that you feel would be helpful to us.
  3. I’ve seen videos and TV reports that people are making homemade masks and face shields to donate to their local hospitals. Could I make and donate these items too?
    1. We appreciate and understand the public’s desire to donate their personal skills and materials to help our hospital and care teams. At this time, Adventist Health Glendale is securing enough personal protective equipment (masks, face shields, gowns, etc.) to meet our patient care needs. This may change. If we find ourselves in a situation in which we will need to utilize other sources and types of safety equipment, we will provide guidelines and instructions on how you can help. Stay informed by checking our website regularly:
  4. How do I know if my donations are needed and will be accepted by the hospital?
    1. Each hospital in our community is unique, and therefore, has different needs. For example, even within our list of donated supplies and equipment that we are accepting, the most urgent need we have right now is for sanitizing wipes and surgical gowns. Our inventory and needs change daily, so for the most up-to-date information on how you can help, please visit: or
  5. Why must I deliver my donations within your specified times and locations?
    1. We are deeply grateful for your donations and support. Please understand that our hospital is working under very demanding and unusual circumstances at this time. Our primary focus is delivering safe and effective medical care to our patients and protecting our clinical and support staff. That means that we have fewer staff members to process donations. Having specific times, locations and procedures helps us manage our time effectively.