Medical Education

Here at AHGL we provide Medical Education to our Medical staff, Residents, and Medical Students through:

Undergraduate Medical Education: AHGL’s Undergraduate Medical Education program is designed for Medical Students attending one of the 15 accredited medical schools affiliated with AHGL to fulfill their interest and desire to complete their clinical rotation with our Medical Staff.

Graduate Medical Education: AHGL’s Graduate Medical Education program is designed to provide information to medical school graduates in the process of applying for AHGL Family Medicine Residency Program as well as provide information to current AHGL Family Medicine Residents.

AHGL Family Medicine Residency Program is accredited by ACGME.

Continuing Medical Education: AHGL’s Continuing Medical Education is designed as a platform used to educate our physician on the best practices for greater patient care outcomes throughout the United States. AHGL provides Category I CME credit for all educational programs.

AHGL’s Continuing Medical Education Program is accredited by IMQ.