To affirm our commitment to resident well-being, a resident-led Wellness Committee was created as a subcommittee of our Graduate Medical Education Committee. The Wellness Committee is comprised of faculty members, a Resident Wellness Specialist, the hospital Director of Mission and Spiritual Care, and elected resident representatives of each PGY class. Our program aims to create an environment in which residents can flourish. To do so, we emphasize camaraderie, individualized training, and common sense.


Wellness PicWe aim to foster strong bonds between residents and faculty; creating a sense of community prevents feelings of isolation. This includes a bi-weekly Balint group for interns, behavioral health meetings for second years, resident faculty and resident meetings, an annual fall and spring retreat, seasonal parties/events at the clinic and hospital, and monthly wellness activities for fun.

Additionally, we have a resident-led wellness committee with a stipend, which is specifically geared to prevent resident burnout and funds monthly resident social events at resident-selected sites (dinners, rollerblading, game nights).

Individualized Training

We recognize that not all residents are the same and everyone has unique needs to succeed. This includes mentorship in the form of faculty-resident meetings semi-annually, check-in meetings with interns and a licensed psychologist, mental health / behavioral health elective in second year, open door policy with program director and in special circumstances, creating an individualized learning plan for residents who may need targeted assistance.

Common Sense

We strictly adhere to the 80-hour work-week restriction and ensure that our residents have access to:

  • Healthy choices in the hospital cafeteria (free of charge)
  • Physical fitness centers (on-site gym and basketball court)
  • Health/dental/vision insurance (free of charge)
  • On-site counseling (free of charge)

Fun Facts

We Asked Our Residents…

(1) What factors were important to you in choosing our program?


  • Wanted to be in Southern California
  • Family/support system was nearby
  • Met spouse’s work/school needs


  • Wanted to be in a community-based, unopposed program
  • Important to have a supportive faculty with an open-door policy
  • AHGL has good food!
  • Challenging program that also encourages work/life balance
  • Diverse patient population
  • Small program size
  • Opportunities to participate in medical mission trips
  • Ability to work with attendings who love to teach


  • Resident camaraderie
  • Resident wellness
  • Culture of compassion
  • I could imagine myself being happy here

(2) What type of person is a good “fit” at Adventist Health Glendale?

  • Adaptable
  • Compassionate
  • Conscientious
  • Dedicated
  • Enthusiastic about learning
  • Flexible
  • Friendly
  • Hardworking
  • Helpful
  • Proactive
  • Responsible
  • Self-directed learner
  • Social
  • Team player
  • Well-rounded