Quality Report - Perinatal Care

This category of evidence-based measures assesses the quality of care that Adventist Health Glendale provides to newborn babies and mothers.

Our Scores

The numbers below reflect how we score on measures that are reported to the Joint Commission compared to hospitals nationally.

Perinatal Care: National Quality Improvement Goals

*Comparison data shown is reported by The Joint Commission for reporting period October 2015-September 2016 (most recent available from The Joint Commission). Unless otherwise indicated, higher percentages are better.

Antenatal Steroids

Antenatal Steroids chart

Percentage of mothers who were at risk of preterm delivery at 24-32 weeks gestation receiving antenatal steroids prior to delivering preterm newborns.

Elective Delivery*

Elective Delivery chart

Percentage of mothers who had elective vaginal deliveries or elective cesarean sections at equal to and greater than 37 weeks gestation to less than 39 weeks gestation. An elective delivery is the delivery of a newborn(s) when the mother was not in active labor or presented with spontaneous ruptured membranes prior to medical induction and/or cesarean section. * Lower percentage is better.

Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding

Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding chart

Percentage of newborns who are exclusively fed breast milk during entire hospitalization and no other liquids or solids except for drops or syrups of vitamins, minerals or medicines.