Inspiring hope after the Camp Fire

Following what proved to be the most devastating wildfire ever in California, something truly inspiring occurred. Associates and partners from across Adventist Health and beyond rallied together in support of our Adventist Health Feather River associates. Spurred on by generous matching funds from Adventist Health, giving exploded in an unprecedented manner, and within a few months thousands of gifts had been collected.

The volume of support was humbling and the impact far reaching. Here are some ways in which we are inspiring hope after the Camp Fire.

Scope of our impact

Fire assistance fund infographic

  • Fire Assistance Fund Infographic Icon Immediate Needs
  • Immediate Needs

    Within the month over $667,000 had been disbursed directly to associates addressing their immediate needs including food and water, temporary housing cost and transportation from the evacuated area.

  • Fire Assistance Fund Infographic Icon Associate Aid
  • Direct Associate Aid

    In total since the Camp Fire, over $5.1 million across 1,100 disbursements in aid provided directly to Adventist Health Feather River associates impacted in Butte county.

  • Fire Assistance Fund Infographic Icon Relocation
  • Relocation Assistance

    The Roseville Human Performance team worked to find roles for 500 of our AHFR associates within our system – relocation assistance was provided to many in this situation.

  • Fire Assistance Fund Infographic Icon Butte
  • Community Rehabilitation

    More than $185k has already been made available for a variety of vital projects such as restoration, clean up, re-establishment of vital services, together with renewing a sense of health, wholeness and hope in our community.

  • 19080 Fire Assistance Fund Infographic Icon Community
  • Christmas Giving Tree

    Donors “adopted” 798 people & pets which provided $62,000 worth of much needed Christmas gifts and cheer.

Voices of lives changed

  • “Thank you to Adventist Health and all the donors that has helped us on the road to recovery. I am so grateful for everything. The healing process has been slow but the continued support from the Adventist Health community had been most helpful.”
    - Donna Adventist Health, Registered Nurse
  • “Thank you for your generous gift to fund our immediate needs after losing my entire life in Paradise.”
    - Roberta Contract Employee, Cash Posting Clerk
  • “My family was helped by your generosity. We lost our whole life and are slowly trying to put it back together.”
    - Kirk Adventist Health, Registered Nurse
  • “Thank you Adventist Health! I'm a single mom of four and had no renters insurance. This helped us get through and replace some of what was lost. Words cannot describe how much this has helped us. I adore the organization with my whole heart!”
    - Tamara Cerner, Customer Service Associate

Inspiration in action

Fire Assistance Update - $7,310,698 in the fund. $4.8million disbursed. 1100+ disbursements. Averging nearly $4500 per disbursement

From Adventist Health to you, thank you!

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