Rapid Response: COVID-19 Crisis Response


Adventist Health is working quickly to navigate the COVID-19 global pandemic with faithful vigor and a deepened sense of commitment to our mission. Despite unfathomable world-wide implications, our faith reminds us that miracles happen; humanity will rally to provide comfort, people will generously give of their wealth and talents, and lives will be touched forever.

By giving to the Rapid Response Fund you are funding the urgent needs we face today, such as the need for PPE, medical supplies and N95 masks. As the situation continues to unfold, we will be prepared to face unforeseen domestic needs and losses caused by this crisis. Importantly, we are also working closely with our associates and community partners to ensure all receive critical support as needed.

Our intention during this crisis is to be a resource for you and your family. If you have unexpected expenses resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, such as increased meal costs or remote learning expenses, consider applying for relief funds. Whatever the need, allow us to provide support.

For Adventist Health associates in need of COVID-19 relief funds:

Apply for Rapid Response Assistance

Trouble accessing online application? View the PDF version.

Note: Please submit only one application per associate. Email giving@ah.org for updates on your application.

Give today to support direct associate aid, community rehabilitation and immediate needs following disaster

Your tax-deductible donation now will help us strengthen our unified healthcare response during the coronavirus crisis. Thank you.