Employee Giving

We are hope: Giving together

Adventist Health is more than a healthcare system of talented and passionate care givers ministering to the needs of our communities. We mask up and show up in times of tragedy. We answer the late-night call to bring comfort to those in pain and suffering. We step up and carry the downtrodden. We lean in and listen, and we lift up in prayer. We are more than hospitals and clinic walls.

We are hope.

Hospital Foundation Giving

Adventist Health employees are the heart and soul of the organization. We give of ourselves, and we give back.

Join your fellow leaders and be a giver of hope.

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How we care and share hope

Each year our employees give a collective $750,000 across our system to employee assistance, services like cancer and cardiac and mission- driven community projects. When we give together we drive forward our mission in real-world ways that change lives.

Here are a only a few of those testimonies:

“I can’t even tell you how appreciative I am of the help my family received. I’m so humbled and grateful.”
- Beneficiary of employee relief funds

“My family was helped by your generosity. We lost our whole life and are slowly trying to put it back together.”
- Beneficiary of disaster relief funds

“Thanks so much for the support! It was so timely appreciated by our clients and the volunteers!”
- Community partner

“Thank you to Adventist Health and all the donors that have helped us on the road to recovery.”
- Beneficiary of disaster relief funds