Caring Connection Impact

Donors help fellow Roseville associate get back into her car after walking 13 miles a day to work

Community Connection Impact

Tamara had much on her mind as she walked the 13-mile stretch from ONE Adventist Health way to her apartment. She felt defeated. She had lost her house, and in the whirlwind of expenses associated with moving to a new place, she was unable to keep up with her car payments. Step after step and mile after mile, Tamara wondered how much longer she’d be able to keep this up.

After losing her car, getting to and from work had become a stressful ordeal. With only enough room in her budget for one Lyft trip a day, Tamara grabbed a ride in the morning but was left to walk 13 miles home each afternoon. Nevertheless, Tamara did what was necessary to get to work and do her job. "My job may not be glamorous, but it represents how far I have come and what I have accomplished in the last ten years," says Tamara.

Concerned about the stress and overwhelm that burdened her, Tamara’s leader suggested that she reach out to Pastor Randy for spiritual support and comfort. “That first step toward asking for help or support can be difficult for some,” says Pastor Randy. “But after attempting to make her feel welcome, Tamara shared what was on her heart. We talked through the crisis, and we prayed together. But I just didn’t feel right, sending on her way, without offering some tangible means of support.” Tamara was encouraged to apply for assistance through Caring Connection, a program sponsored and operated by Adventist Health Roseville associates and designed to provide service to fellow associates in times of personal crisis or urgent need.

"I was hesitant," says Tamara. "But I trusted his opinion, and although I was embarrassed to share my story with anyone else, I decided to give this a chance."

The Caring Connection Committee carefully considers each application they receive. After thoughtful review, the Committee approved Tamara's application and ultimately helped her to get her car back.

"Never in a million years did I expect to receive as much help as I did," says Tamara. "To get my car back was the biggest blessing I could have imagined. I can't find the words to express how much this meant to me.”

Although sharing the details of her struggles is difficult, Tamara hopes sharing her story will inspire others to reach out for help when they need it and give back when they are able. “To those who have donated to the Caring Connection Fund, I give my heartfelt thanks and appreciation. I will never take the gift you have given me for granted and will do everything possible to pay it forward in any way I can to those in need,” says Tamara.

Supporting the well-being of our team is mission-critical. Adventist Health is proud to offer associates a variety of resources, including spiritual guidance, behavioral health counselors, personal developmental opportunities and, thanks to the generous support of Roseville associates, financial assistance.