Renelle Caring Connection 3The Caring Connection: Renelle’s story

Renelle spends her workdays caring for people as a Medical Assistant in the Inspire Health Center and has been with Adventist Health for nine years. When she isn’t clocked in, she’s still sharing her caring and joyful heart with anyone who comes across her path, whether it be in local volunteer opportunities or in mission trips to Africa and Haiti.Renelle Caring Connection 1

But one day at work, Renelle was in a meeting with her manager who noticed right away something wasn’t right.

“He’s very intuitive, and he knows when we’re having an off day or are kind of down,” she explained. “I had missed a day of work and was feeling so stressed.”

Renelle Caring Connection 2Renelle’s personal life had been impacted by changes out of her control that felt like they were piling up. She was facing an unexpected move, her car was broken down beyond repair and she was feeling the full the weight of financial uncertainty. With her car out of commission, both her work life and volunteer commitments came to a halt.

After Renelle explained this to her manager, she was immediately given a link to the Caring Connection. Her manager explained that the employee-assistance fund was for situations just like the one Renelle was enduring.

“It took me a couple hours to get up the courage to apply for help,” Renelle recounted. Renelle is used to being the one to give someone a hand or offer support in hard times. “I like being the giver, so being the receiver is something I’m working on.”

After Renelle did apply, her request was quickly approved, and she received the financial assistance she needed to get up on her feet and back on the road.Renelle Caring Connection 4

Renelle said the experience turned her life around, and she feels deeply humbled that her fellow associates support a fund that helps people in ways that they as donors may never know.

“I want people to see this fund does change lives. Not only do I get to keep working and volunteering here in our organization and community, but I also will be able to see through the plans I have to travel to Zambia where I’ll be caring for orphaned kindergarteners. The Caring Connection is paying it forward every day.”

​If you have a need that could be met by the Caring Connection fund or would like to support the program with a gift, visit Caring Connection | Adventist Health today. Renelle Caring Connection 5