The Caring Connection: Heidi’s Story

Heidi and husband - ImpactHeidi and her husband are avid campers who spend almost every weekend outdoors. After returning from a camping trip, they were exhausted and decided to wait until morning to unload their gear from the truck. Heidi woke up to find their garage had been broken into and all their valuable items taken from the truck and garage, including her husband’s laptop and tools he uses for his secondary business of laser cutting.

After making it through a week of changing locks and feeling rattled, Heidi and her husband left again the next weekend to clear their heads, thinking the worst was over. When they returned, they were stunned to find their second vehicle, Heidi’s car, missing from the driveway.

“We realized then that a key fob to my car had been in my husband’s truck, and this person had returned to steal it next,” said Heidi. The car ended up totaled in a reckless driving incident. “We were still reeling from the initial break-in when we were confronted with more financial and emotional distress we never saw coming.”

Heidi’s husband needed to replace his laptop and tools to get his business running again, and Heidi now needed a car to commute for work. After their insurance again kicked in, Heidi and her husband were still left with no choice but to put a large amount of expenses on their credit card for a car and came up short on funds to replace her husband’s items.

Heidi works as a supervisor of accounts payable at Adventist Health in Roseville, overseeing the critical and non-purchase order team. Her team processes urgent payments, including funds distributed for Caring Connection, a program sponsored and operated by Adventist Health Roseville associates to aid fellow associates in times of urgent need.

“I see all the good we do,” said Heidi, remembering countless moments of urgent financial assistance associates needed in times like the Camp Fire or during the pandemic. She took the first step to apply and was approved.

“I had to swallow my pride when I applied for help through the Caring Connection program, and I can’t even tell you how appreciative I am of the help my family received. I’m so humbled and grateful.”

With the assistance from Caring Connection, Heidi was able to replace the items stolen from her husband’s business, getting the source of one of their steady incomes back up and running.

Heidi says she knows there are people who could benefit from Caring Connection when they are in difficult situations, explaining that it’s more than just the financial assistance that makes the difference. Heidi has an extensive background in accounting, having worked for hospitals and health and dental insurance companies, both big and small.

“Adventist Health stands for a lot more than people realize,” she said. “Even the smallest companies I’ve worked for have not felt as supportive, caring and connected as Adventist Health does. I am so happy to work here and can’t think of being anywhere else, especially after this experience.”

Heidi wanted to share her story as a way of encouraging others to ask for help when they need it and to give back when they have the capacity.

“Your gift to Caring Connection is more than just financial support. It’s peace of mind to a fellow associate when they need it most,” Heidi shared. “Just knowing that this was available in a crisis meant that somebody cared about me and my family. I could talk to my employer about what happened and find support in more ways than one.”

Heidi has since been reflecting on this experience and the mission of Adventist Health. “Our mission is made up of several ‘be’ statements,” Heidi explained. “But I think the first two especially embody the mission, ‘be love’ and ‘be a force for good.’ My family and I experienced both first-hand when our world was turned upside-down. That’s what Adventist Health does as an entire organization, whether it’s at the front lines serving patients in our hospitals, supporting the markets and their work or simply being there for one another as coworkers – we are a force for good.”

If you have a need that could be met by the Caring Connection fund or would like to support the program with a gift, visit Caring Connection | Adventist Health today.