Paradise Respiratory Care

Smoking cessation

The smoking cessation program at Adventist Health Feather River is ready to help community members with one of their most difficult challenges: quitting smoking. The group program is for anyone who would like to stop smoking with a plan specifically tailored to their unique needs. Adventist Health Feather River offers the proven program outlined by the American Lung Association. To register for the class call (530) 876-3166.

For more information on smoking cessation, visit the following site:

Pulmonary rehabilitation

The pulmonary rehabilitation program is a one-on-one session with a trained respiratory therapist helping to restore and maintain pulmonary function. The benefits of the program include greater mobility and independence, increased understanding of pulmonary disease, reduced anxiety and depression, and the ability to do activities of daily living with greater ease. For more information about our program, call (530) 876-7234.