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We have been named a Joint Replacement Center of Excellence

Muscle and joint pains happen to almost everyone at some point in their lives. These pains go away on their own in many cases, but chronic, severe pains should be treated by a skilled orthopedist.

At Adventist Health Feather River, our team has treated a wide variety of orthopedic conditions. We make the effort to explore noninvasive treatments before resorting to surgery. Physical therapy, medication and simple exercises are often all it takes to treat temporary aches and pains.

If your condition is severe enough to warrant joint replacement, rest assured that you are in good hands with our team. We have been named a Joint Replacement Center of Excellence for our minimally invasive surgical techniques and outstanding patient outcomes.

Your adventure of healing begins here

Adventist Health Feather River Joint Replacement Center of Excellence is uniquely designed to ensure your joint replacement surgery is enhanced by the compassionate care and unique program offered here. Our comprehensive program focuses on education and presurgery preparation. We also focus on an integrated approach to group and individual therapies to support your rapid and successful recovery.

Our technology and expertise combine to offer you the best possible options for a joint replacement experience. We bring an interdisciplinary team together to ensure your care is our priority. Our emphasis on treating you as a whole person — not just a medical condition — is unmatched by other facilities.

We offer:

  • Highly qualified and dedicated orthopedic surgeons on our medical staff
  • High patient-satisfaction results
  • Excellent outcomes for quality of care, compassion, pain management and whole-person care
  • An integrated team to care for your unique needs
  • Support from other joint-replacement patients
  • Compassionate, faith-based care

What you should know about joint replacement

A joint replacement procedure, for your hip or your knee, is the start of a life-changing adventure. Following your procedure, you can expect to get relief from the pain you feel, enjoy greater mobility and movement, and participate once again in the activities you used to enjoy.

Because today's artificial joints can last up to 20 years, your new joint may help you keep a more active lifestyle, offering you an opportunity to be healthier and participate in walking, hiking and other sports.

Let the adventure begin

Following joint replacement surgery, the overwhelming majority of patients find they experience a freedom they have not felt in years. Newfound mobility encourages activities such as standing, walking and exercising, giving you another opportunity to live a healthier, active lifestyle. Let the adventure begin!

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Give us a call, and we'll talk with you about your individual needs and expectations. We carefully plan every step of the way with you to ensure your experience at our Center of Excellence is clearly defined and tailored for your unique situation.

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