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Paradise Diabetes Treatment

Giving patients the tools to manage their diabetes for a lifetime

Feeling tired or blue? Do your legs and feet burn, tingle or ache? Having problems with intimacy? Feeling guilty when you eat desserts or dine out? Up all night going to the bathroom? If you said yes to any of the above, you need to join our diabetes education program.

Knowledge is power. Through our program, you will learn new skills and receive vital information to equip you to better manage your condition. Having your diabetes in control allows you to be healthier and live a fuller life. By attending class with others who deal with the same issues, you will not only gain life-saving information, but also motivation and support. Take the next step to a healthier life!

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Getting a referral

Ask your doctor for a referral to the Diabetes Education Program at Adventist Health Feather River.

If you are eager to begin we can contact your doctor to get the referral. Most insurance companies will cover program costs. If you have questions about coverage, please contact your insurance company. Feel free to contact us directly at (530) 876-7297 and we will help you get a referral and get started.

How to participate

You will meet with our Diabetes Educator for an individual appointment. Choose a session that fits your schedule, and by attending all four classes, you will become a Program Graduate. We will contact you three months after graduation to check on your progress and your A1C.

You are welcome to bring family or a support person with you to the sessions. We encourage you to bring people who will support your efforts to manage your diabetes.

More information

Learn how you can prevent diabetes in this radio interview with Beverly Thomassian, Adventist Health Feather River Diabetes Program Manager, which aired on KCHO's Health Desk.

For more information about diabetes, visit the following websites:

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