Specialties offering virtual visits

Varies by location

Check with your doctor to find out if virtual visits are available by calling (530) 872-2000.


  • Merrilee Kettell, FNP

Behavioral Health

  • Joseph R. Acciaioli, LCSW
  • Michelle Mattox, LCSW
  • Jennifer Stineback, LCSW

Dentistry (diagnosis only)

  • Mina Kim, DDS
  • Arthur Tawatari, DDS
  • Dario A. Sartori, DDS

Diabetes Education

  • Carla Mapes, RN
  • Kelli Ward, RN, BSN


  • Leena Singh, MD

Family Medicine

  • Richard D. Minkner, MD
  • Maybelle L. Ursales, MD
  • Victoria Ota, DO
  • Philip A. Gauslin, PA-C
  • Steven C. Gawthrop, PA-C
  • Tracy L. Rychtera, PA-C
  • Char Lynn Bush, NP
  • Nou Her, NP
  • Lori A. Falge-Philips, FNP


  • Mary L. Irwin, FNP

Home Health/Hospice

  • Hyung (Danny) An, MD

Internal Medicine

  • Joan M. Harter, MD

Medical Oncology & Hematology

  • Sam Mazj, MD


  • Muhammad T. Bashir, MD


  • Kirsten Schwab, PA-C

Pain Management

  • R. Kelley Otani, MD


  • Denise Abbasi, MD
  • Kenneth R. Gillen, PA-C
  • Cynthia Wilson-Grillo, DO


  • Chelsea A. Smith, DPM

Primary Care Walk-ins

  • Mary K. Haggard, NP


  • Kirk A. Meekins, MD
  • Barbra Q. Maguire, PA


  • William J. Taetzsch, PhD

Rapid Care

  • Robert Grigg, PA

Women's Health

  • Ross Hanchett, MD
  • Moira Kehoe, NP