General Info

  • The midwives will rotate time between Paradise and Chico. This is done so you have the opportunity to meet all the midwives.
  • All births will be at the Birth Day Place at the Feather River Hospital main campus in Paradise.

Prenatal & Postpartum Care

  • Prenatal visits begin in the first 3 months of pregnancy.
  • We can provide urine pregnancy tests if needed.
  • Your first visit will last about an hour to go over your history, perform a physical/pelvic exam, and also go over any questions you might have.
  • After your initial appointment, your visits will consist of assessing your weight, blood pressure, and checking on the baby's heart and growth.
  • You will come every 4 weeks until you are 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until you are 36 weeks, and then weekly until delivery.
  • We believe there are no dumb questions; keep a journal of them to bring to your appointments!
  • We encourage your partner to participate in this experience as much as you would like.


  • We believe your birth should go the way you want it to, whether you want to go natural or high tech with an epidural.
  • Our job is to give unbiased information on matters pertaining to your health.
  • We know everyone will have a ‘fantasy’ birth and ‘fantasy’ baby, but emergencies do happen.
  • Most important to us is the health and safety of you and your baby.
  • Healthy mothers and infants are kept together at all times during your stay, with nurses attending to both mom and baby as couplet care.
  • If complications arise, the back up MD will be there to assist in the birth.
  • Midwives will not assist a birth with artificial or forcible means, so if cesarean section or vacuum is needed, the MD will assume your care and the midwife will assist them.
  • We will do our best to educate you on pros and cons of all birth options and pain relief.
  • We will work with you to make informed healthcare decisions that are right for you and your baby at that time.


  • Midwives provide health care to women throughout the lifespan.
  • We follow protocols for prescription hormone therapy if it is indicated, but also can provide information on alternative treatments.  Lisa Catterall is a certified menopause clinician, having received certification in 2003 from the North American Menopause Society.  You may access their website at www.menopause.org.

Contact Us

Give us a call and we'll talk with you about your individual needs and expectations. We carefully plan every step of the way with you to ensure that your experience at our Center of Excellence is clearly defined and tailored for your unique situation.

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