Intensive Care

The Critical Care Unit (CCU) provides care for critically ill patients who require constant physiological monitoring and frequent nursing intervention. The CCU also provides remote cardiac telemetry monitoring for patients throughout the inpatient facility.

The Critical Care Unit is designed to constantly monitor each patient's condition. All 12 patient rooms are in direct view of the central nurse's station. From here, each patient's cardiac monitor and other equipment is continuously observed by specially trained staff. Our nurses are specifically trained to operate this equipment and to respond appropriately to the various alarms you may hear during your visit.

You may inquire about your loved one's condition. The Critical Care Unit Secretary will direct the call to your nurse, who can give you an update and/or transfer your call to the patient's room if the patient is able to receive phone calls. Leave a phone number with your nurse where you or the family spokesperson may be reached. Some questions regarding the specific medical treatment plan or prognosis may need to be referred to your physician.

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