First Impressions

First Impressions that Last

Each of us can probably remember our first day of work at a new facility. It is likely that we anticipated a long and boring experience with a speaker whose monotone voice called for frequent stress breaks. Not so at FRH!

For the past 20-plus years, Anna-Mary has had the distinct privilege of welcoming each newcomer to the FRH staff. The mission focus is carried from the beginning through the to the end, and applied to each segment of the orientation process.
Anna-Mary sets the pace with a warm welcome and her top-notch organizational skills make for an easy transition as the segments continue. As service excellence is encouraged, each speaker exemplifies this essential concept. New employees move from being strangers to becoming part of the FRH family with as much comfort as possible.

The opinion of a casual observer has its place, but nothing speaks clearer than voices of experience. After a full year of working in the Case Management Department, Sandee still remembers meeting Anna-Mary for the first time. Sandee stated, "Anna-Mary remained enthusiastic throughout the entire day. She remained calm even if the computer did not work. Her attitude made our mission come to life. I could tell that she believed in what she was doing."

Julie Lacey is another employee who has been with us for more than a year. She too recalls that first day of orientation: "Anna-Mary was empowering! She made me feel as though I could really be a part of the mission here."