Extra Mile

The Extra Mile

An elderly lady came to Linda expressing that she had MediCare, but was in need of Medi-Cal as a secondary insurance to help cover overwhelming medical bills due to not only her health, but that of her husband suffering from dementia. Linda in an effort to help this elderly couple went to their home to help go through their papers and find the necessary required documents to qualify for welfare. However, when she got to their home, she soon assessed that their three dogs were considered their kids and before they were going to let her go through their papers she needed to prove herself through her interaction with their dogs. Linda says, "It would have been comical for an onlooker because I was not only petting and talking to their dogs, but I sang to them." At this, they felt comfortable with Linda as if she were family and handed her their files. Linda's efforts did help this couple obtain Medi-Cal for a year, which helped them to receive rehabilitation services in addition to their medical care.

Linda's response to why she would go to such great lengths, "It's our mission. And community outreach is a big part of the mission." Linda takes this community outreach to another level through her involvement with the local C.C.M.Youth Rescue Mission, a Christian-based program to help men ages 18 and above to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. Linda goes to the facility and meets with them to help obtain medical coverage so that their health needs can be treated as they get their lives worked out. These men often are in desperate need of dental care and other medical conditions due to the lack of health care or as a result of their abuse. Linda has been known to go to a relative's home in Sterling City to obtain legal documents required to obtain medical coverage or stand in lines at the DMV to obtain needed proof of residency.

We are proud of Linda's efforts as a truly Christian advocate extending our mission.