Camp Fire Press Page

Adventist Health is committed to providing health, wholeness and hope for the entire Butte County community - through both the recovery efforts needed today and ongoing healthcare services for many years to come. Communities are about people; and the people of Paradise are strong. Adventist Health is committed to providing the needed services in the right location at the right time as the long-term community needs become clear.

We are working quickly to restore access to services in our clinics. We expect to have the Feather River Health Center, our largest clinic located on Skyway Rd in Paradise, ready to reopen in the coming weeks, as soon as public access is restored. This will be one of the first businesses to return to Paradise. Together with our clinics in Chico and Corning, which re-opened mid-November, this clinic will extend significant access to health services needed in Butte County.

Further up the hill on and around the Adventist Health Feather River Medical Center campus the recovery efforts will take longer. Although some of our newer buildings were spared from the worst of the damage, the infrastructure, access, clean up and population needed to support an acute care campus are going to take longer to be restored.

We are focusing our attention to support the immediate and long-term recovery of our associates and their families. We have informed them that it will be at least a year or more before many services are restored, and longer before they reach their former scale. We are working diligently to help associates find new opportunities elsewhere within Adventist Health. Our hope and intent is to place all of those associates who are willing to relocate somewhere within Adventist Health, and to work with those who cannot relocate to find connections locally with other organizations. When the time is right and as services return, we encourage those who wish to return to the community to come back.

But the needs extend far beyond our associates. While Adventist Health is working quickly to restore vital health services for the community, we are also working to restore hope. Adventist Health has already raised a total of $6.5 million for its associates and are committed to expanding its Fire Assistance Fund to benefit the entire Butte County community.

The Adventist Health team thanks the community for its continued support. Together we will renew a sense of health, wholeness and hope in our community.