Camp Fire Press Page

Adventist Health Feather River is committed to our mission in this community and we are doing everything we can to restore needed services, care for our associates, and bring health, wholeness and hope to Butte County in the wake of the Camp Fire tragedy.

Clinic Services Update
We are pleased to report that the Feather River Health Center located at 5125 Skyway in Paradise reopened in December and is now able to provide access to providers for the following services: anti-coagulation, behavioral health, otolaryngology, endocrinology, family medicine, gastroenterology, general surgery, internal medicine, laboratory services, medical imaging, nephrology, pain management, palliative care, pediatrics, physical therapy, podiatry, psychiatry, virtual care and women’s health services. Patients are encouraged to schedule an appointment by calling (530) 872-2000.

In addition, services are also available in Chico, including primary care, oncology, OB/GYN & midwifery services and physical therapy. To schedule an appointment with a primary care provider in Chico, patients should call (530) 342-5776. To schedule an appointment for an oncology provider, patients should call (530) 343-3868. To schedule an appointment with an OB/GYN provider, patients should call (530) 345-4471. To schedule an appointment with a physical therapist, patients should call (530) 898-0842. In addition, providers for primary care, behavioral health, dental, podiatry and nephrology are also available to see patients in Corning. To schedule an appointment to see a provider in Corning, patients should call (530) 824-4663.

Hospital Update
As we have reported previously, some buildings on the medical center campus were spared from the worst of the damage. However, the unfortunate fact is that the infrastructure, access, clean up, and population needed to support an acute care campus are far from recovered.

We have studied the clean-up and recovery time and costs from other wildfire tragedies in recent years and compared them to the severity of the damage done in Paradise. We now believe that it would be significantly more than a year before services could be reopened on the Pentz Rd. campus. Even then, the type of services required for the community that ultimately redevelops in this geography are likely to be different from what we have historically provided.

We will focus our attention on helping the people of the community recover, and on meeting the needs of Butte County. We are committed to Butte County for the long term. We will continue with the post-acute and ambulatory services we have and will add additional services to that portfolio when and where they are needed.

Adventist Health committed to ensuring pay and benefits remain intact until February 5, 2019 for associates whose work assignments were interrupted. The pay and benefits continuation program represent an investment of more than $30 million.

Our goal is to place each associate into a job within Adventist Health if they are willing to relocate. So far, we have been able to place 407 associates out of approximately 1,205 either within the local area in Paradise, Chico or Corning or at other Adventist Health facilities. Relocation benefits are being extended to those who move to another Adventist Health community. If they are unable to relocate we are working with local employers to help our associates find the best available options for them.

Financial Support for Associates
We know that the needs of our associates during this crisis go beyond salary and benefits. More than 600 have lost homes, cars, and all their possessions. We created the Fire Assistance Fund to help us support our associates, including providers and volunteers. We have been able to raise more than $7.2M for associates. We continue to receive support from throughout the system and across the country. To learn more about how to give, please go to