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Coaches Clinic

Maternity & Childbirth
  • $15.00


  • 20


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Out of an abundance of caution and your safety, we have cancelled this event, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Please bring your PayPal payment confirmation with you to this class.

This class is designed for the coach/s and mom to attend together, however, if mom cannot attend, coach/s may come on their own. Learn and practice how to be an invaluable coach! Please dress comfortably and bring two pillows and one blanket.

What is your role and how you can help:

  • Practice helpful positions to labor in
  • Practice labor massage
  • Learn how to lessen discomfort in labor
  • Labor talk; what to say and not say during labor
  • Tips on creating the best labor environment
  • Become familiar with how she will be acting in labor
  • Learn how to live with a pregnant mom
  • Coaches labor bag and helpful labor tools
  • What you as a coach can do now to prepare

Contact Information

Adventist Health Castle
(808) 263-5400