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Biometric Screening for Associates - Kaneohe


Schedule your free onsite biometric screening! Free biometric screenings from July 9th-July 23rd. No fasting needed. Employees enrolled in the HMSA HMO plan must complete a biometric screening, wellness assessment, and 80 "flex points" by July 31, 2019 to qualify for the lowest premium. All Associates and their spouses are encouraged to participate even if s/he is not participating in the Castle HMSA HMO plan. Please give yourself 30 minutes on the day of your screening.

• Complete and submit your pre-registration form
• Go to the connect page and download the pre-registration form or click here for the form
• Complete the form and fax the paperwork to 263-5415 1 day prior to appointment required

• If you have any questions, Please contact Kylie at x5056
• On the day of your screening you must have ID and insurance card
• Avoid heavy physical effort such as intense exercise, alcoholic beverages, coffee, or other      stimulants 3 hours prior to assessment, and if possible the day before
• Avoid eating a heavy meal 3 hours prior to screening
• Wear loose, comfortable clothing and sleeves that are easy to roll up. For women, we recommend a 2-piece outfit

Location: Castle Professional Center Lab

46-001 Kamehameha

Kaneohe, HI 96744

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