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Understanding Natural Childbirth Techniques eClass (self-paced)

eClass, Family & Parenting, Maternity & Childbirth

This class is designed to complement the comprehensive Understanding Birth eClass by providing information on the philosophy behind natural childbirth and a more in-depth look at comfort measures for labor. This self-paced class takes three to four hours to complete and is hosted by a certified nurse-midwife.

It includes 13 video clips, including birth stories and follow-along exercises. This class does not cover medical procedures, cesareans, newborns or postpartum; therefore, it is recommended to pair it with our comprehensive Understanding Birth eClass.

Registration for this class includes nine months of online access to content. The class is self-paced. 

Cost: $30

Combine and save

To sign up for both Understanding Natural Childbirth Techniques (regularly $30) and Understanding Birth (regularly $85) at a reduced rate of $99 for both, click here.

For more information, call Childbirth Education at 503-251-6266, ext. 24075 or e-mail