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AHCS Advanced 12-Lead EKG Course

BLS for Healthcare Providers, Healthcare Education
  • Community $100.00
  • AH Castle Associates (Required for job) $0.00 **if REQUIRED for your job at AH Castle Disregard PayPal payment request email**
  • ALL other AH Castle Associates (Not required for job) $40.00
  • Affiliates (ie: COPE Health Scholars, Windward Surgery, AH Castle Homecare, Volunteers) $40.00

The prerequisite for this course is a fundamental Basic 12-Lead class.

The Advanced 12-lead EKG class is for the healthcare professional that already knows how to read 12-lead EKGs, but wants to get a better understanding of the depth of assessment the 12-lead EKG provides.

This course will provide information about recognition of coronary artery occlusions that would not qualify as a STEMI, but still need PCI. A pre-STE sign for inferior MIs, ways of identifying MIs in the presence of a left bundle branch block, recognition of hypothermia, hypo/hypercalcemia, Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy, Brugada Syndrome, A-fib with WPW, large pulmonary embolisms, and other potential fatal disorders that show up on a 12-lead EKG will be discussed.

There is a pre-course group of 12-lead EKGs to interpret (with no minimum score) prior to attending the 8-hour class.

Presented by: Larry Moore

Contact Information:
(808) 263-5382
Location: Adventist Health Castle

640 ‘Ulukahiki Street


Kailua, HI 96734

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