LivingWell Points

As part of the Engaged! Premier Program, participants are required to enroll in the LivingWell program. The program requires that plan members earn 100 LivingWell points in the year of enrollment.

How to earn 100 points

First 20 points
Twenty of the 100 LivingWell points are earned through the online wellness assessment and biometric screening.

  • 10 points: Complete your Biometric Screening between May 15 and August 31.
  • 10 points: Wellness Assessment. Go to to complete your online wellness assessment between May 15 and August 31.

Next 80 points
Eighty of the 100 LivingWell points are earned through a “flex points” system. You have a full year to complete your flex points: Flex points must be completed between September 1 and August 31. Points are pro-rated for new members.

Earning flex points is easy:

  • Log daily healthy habits
  • Sync your Fitbit
  • Complete online wellness workshops
  • Participate in wellness challenges
  • Get preventative exams and vaccinations
  • And choose from many more!

New to the Engaged! Premier Program?

Prorated LivingWell points requirement:

Month Enrolled ​Points required by Aug. 31, 2019
​Sept. – Dec. 2018 ​100 points
​Jan. – March 2019 ​85 points
​April – June 2019 ​70 points
​July – Aug. 2019 ​0 points

Living Well Points