Manage Your Flexible Spending Account

How to enroll

You must sign up annually and set aside a portion of your pre-taxed salary to cover anticipated expenses. Visit during the annual Open Enrollment period to enroll in a Flexible Spending Account. Watch for Open Enrollment dates to be announced.

New employees must enroll via hard copy paper form which can be found on Connect.​

How to use your FSA

Healthcare Expenses

You may claim healthcare expenses incurred but not reimbursed by any other plan. Eligible expenses include those incurred to prevent, diagnose, or treat a specific medical condition; therefore, general wellness expenses are not allowed. Through FSA, 100 percent of eligible expenses can be paid with pre-tax dollars.

Dependent Care Expenses

If you pay someone to care for your dependent(s) age 12 or under, or your spouse or dependent who is not capable of self-care, you may be able to claim qualifying dependent care expenses through your Dependent Care Expense Reimbursement Account.

It is important to estimate your expenses accurately as money not used will be lost. For more information on which qualifying expenses can be claimed, and on orthodontia, please visit your Connect page or contact your Human Performance department.

FSA forms and resources

FSA Forms and Resources

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