Flexible Spending Account

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can save you money. An FSA lets you pay for qualified medical or dependent care expenses with money that has not been taxed—leaving more in your pocket. Adventist Health’s Flexible Spending Account allows employees to redirect part of their salary before tax to pay for healthcare expenses and dependent care expenses incurred during the plan year.

Your FSA optio​n also include:

  • An online portal ​
  • A debit card option
  • A mobile application, MyFlexMobileSM
  • The option for claims reimbursement via direct deposit.

Online portal

Use the MyFlexOnline online portal to:

  • Upload claims electronically
  • Check claim status
  • Receive electronic account updates
  • Receive your account balance

Flexible Spending Account chart


As an eligible Participant in the AHS/West Cafeteria Plan, I acknowledge that I have received the Cafeteria Plan Booklet. I have read the Cafeteria Plan Booklet and understand the benefits available to me, as well as the other rights and obligations that I have under the Plan.

In accordance with my rights under the Plan, the Employer and I agree that my cash compensation will be redirected by the amounts set forth in my enrollment for the Plan Year.

My elections for health (including dental and vision) coverage, if any, have been made on the appropriate enrollment forms, electronic enrollment is the link at the bottom right of this page. I understand that qualifying contributions deducted from my pay for these benefits will be made on a pre-tax basis. I understand that these elections cannot be increased during the Plan Year, unless the change is made as a r​esult of a qualifying election change event, to receive the pre-tax withholding treatment. No decreases in coverage will be allowed unless the change is due to a qualifying election change event.