My Adventist Health Benefits

Thank you for being an important member of the Adventist Health community. Together, let’s live the healthiest life possible!

You and your family can take an active role in your well being. Health plan options offer:

  • preventative care
  • a robust wellness program
  • care management
  • one-on-one coaching to reduce risk of serious illness

Which health plan is right for you?

Adventist Health offers two comprehensive health plans: Engaged! and Base. Both emphasize whole-person health, our long-held philosophy of healing that encompasses the mind, body and spirit.

Engaged! Plan

Adventist Health encourages employees and their families to take an active role in their well being through the Engaged! Premier Program. With this program you will pay less for monthly contributions if you and your spouse complete the wellness requirements outlined in the Plan. The Engaged! Premier Program even covers some weight management programs at 100 percent.

To participate in this plan, you and your spouse must complete a free biometric screening and wellness assessment as well as earn 100 LivingWell points. If you’re a new member, the point requirement may be less. If you are at risk for serious illness, the plan requires you to take part in a free and confidential care-management program, providing you with support and education.

The Engaged! Plan is now also available without Premier Program wellness participation. This gives you the lower deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximum levels with the other benefits of the Engaged! Plan, but you will be required to pay a higher monthly contribution.

Learn more about the Engaged! Plan by following this link. To learn more about the LivingWell program, click here.

Engaged! Premier Program members pay a lower monthly contribution and receive better coverage than Base Plan members. You do not need to meet any pre-set health criteria to enjoy the benefits of this plan.

Base Plan

The Base Plan provides quality benefits and access to LivingWell, Adventist Health’s health and wellness program. As long as you are eligible for health benefits, there are no requirements to participate in the Base Plan. However, as a Base Plan member, you pay a higher monthly contribution than Engaged! Premier Program members, who must complete certain wellness screenings and activities to enroll in the program.


Both the Engaged! and Base health plans include pharmacy coverage. Adventist Health offers three tiers of savings for your pharmacy needs. You may utilize an in-house pharmacy at one of our Adventist Health locations, fill a prescription at a Community Partner Pharmacy or use the OptumRX retail network for home-delivery. Learn more.


Adventist Health’s Dental Plan encourages visiting the dentist regularly for preventative care. Preventative services are covered at 100 percent under the Dental Plan and the annual deductible of $50 is waived.

As an enrollee, you may visit your dentist twice a year for teeth cleanings, exams, fluoride and sealant applications. The Dental Plan also offers three other categories of care: basic, major and orthodontic. Find out more about the Dental Plan.

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Making changes to your coverage

You may enroll or make changes during the plan year only if you are a new employee or experience a life-changing event. Examples include marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, or a spouse/domestic partner who loses or gains health coverage. If you are a new employee who qualifies for and wants coverage, you must enroll within 31 days of the first of the month following your date of hire.


Contact your local Human Resources department with questions about the Employee Health Plans.