Adventist Health Delano Foundation

Established in 2021, the Adventist Health Delano Foundation was created to support the sacred work and mission of Adventist Health. The Foundation is dedicated to providing groundbreaking programs and services to our proud community, growing together to support and heal those most in need.

It is the mission of Adventist Health to live God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope. With the support of the Adventist Health Delano Foundation and generous donors like you, we have faith that we will transform our community by improving physical, mental, and spiritual health, enhancing interactions and making care more accessible and affordable.

Healthcare has never been more important than it is right now. As we continue to move forward and navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to thank our healthcare heroes, the physicians, nurses, and associates that have tirelessly provided care. The Adventist Health Delano Foundation was created with our healthcare heroes and our community in mind. For more information, contact us at

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