Livewell Program Features

At the St. Helena Live Well program, our goal is to work with our patients and their loved ones to:


  • Improve patient's ability to better manage their health conditions, including chronic pain, to improve their quality of life
  • Increase patients' ability to move around more freely and, as a result, more easily accomplish their daily activities.
  • Provide new ideas and options that help patients cope with and take care of their health issues and increase their sense of well-being


Our patients have the advantage of a multifaceted program that offers options for a variety of lifestyles and needs. Program components include:


  • Screening and assessments to determine quality of life;
  • Personalized treatment plan, which includes goal-setting, measurement of progress and celebration for reaching goals.
  • Quality of Life visits with a Behavioral Health Provider to better understand and manage pain, improve sleep and daily functioning, and learn stress management techniques.
  • Functional fitness visit with a Health Care Provider and Health Coach to work on balance, mobility and movement improvement.
  • Diet and nutrition visits with certified Nutritionist and Diabetic Educator to plan individualized meals and nutrition and proper hydration.
  • Case Worker visits as necessary to provide access to community resources offering assistance in areas of life's basic needs.
  • Support Group visits provide more specific education and patient support.  

Live Well Coaches 


Sample Live Well Patient Outcomes

Support Groups