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Treatment and support to help you take control of your life and health

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The joy of life is often sapped by diseases or injuries. Chronic illness or pain can make everyday life miserable and even special occasions less enjoyable. St. Helena Clear Lake (SHCL) - Live Well program is here to assist you with treatment and support that will enable you to increase mobility, manage pain and start taking a more active role to improve your quality of life.

Located at St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake - Clearlake Family Health Center-just 50 miles north of St. Helena-Live Well offers a program that will help you gain skills and knowledge to assist you in managing the medical conditions that stand in the way of a fuller life for you. We work with you and your loved ones to create a customized plan of action to address your specific needs and goals.

As part of the program, a behavioral health provider will meet with you in a private area of the Clearlake Family Health Center to discuss factors that have a significant effect on your illness or chronic pain, such as sleep hygiene, nutrition, physical movement, medication and community resources. You'll also meet with a medical provider and receive an assessment of your functional capacity, particularly strength, flexibility, and balance as it relates to your ability to do everyday activities.

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