Benefits of Volunteering

young girl with stethoscope

Adventist Health Castle recognizes and appreciates your contributions as a volunteer. Below are listed just a few of the benefits our volunteers receive:

  • Cafeteria meal
  • Invitation to recognition events
  • Invitation to hospital social events
  • Service awards
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Education and training classes
  • Annual flu vaccine
  • Annual TB testing
  • Gift Shop discount.

Research shows that volunteering improves your health in many ways—emotionally and even physically. It can also improve self-esteem, affirm personal values, and aid in personal development. Volunteering helps you feel connected to your community and is a great opportunity for socialization.

You meet the most wonderful people—staff, volunteers and patients.

“...We do what Adventist Health Castle wants to do, and that is to make patients first. We’re here to make hurting people feel better, but I think it works the other way around. You feel so good after you volunteer.”

Laura Davis, retired teacher
Adventist Health Castle volunteer since 1992

To find out more about the benefits of volunteering at Adventist Health Castle, please call the Volunteer Services office at (808) 263-5252 or e-mail us.