BidShift is an Internet-based program that allows staff members to view and request unfilled shifts on any unit for which they are qualified to work at Adventist Health Castle (AHCS).

You must meet your regular unit’s scheduling commitment to be eligible to pick up shifts through BidShift.

Who Can Use BidShift?

Nursing staff from AHCS are eligible to request shifts through the new BidShift program.

To learn more about BidShift eligibility, visit, the BidShift Web site, and click on the “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” link at the bottom of the page.

How Does BidShift Work?

Open shifts are posted on the BidShift Web site after the base schedule is completed for full-time and part-time staff. Staff members looking to pick up extra shifts log on to view the open shifts and request those they are interested in working. Managers or their staffers then see who has requested to work the open shifts, make their selection, and then add their choices to the work schedule. Later, staff members log back on to BidShift to see if they were awarded the shifts they requested. They can also receive a notification by e-mail.

This is the new and convenient way that per diem staff will schedule all of their shifts.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up for BidShift in just five minutes by following these steps:

  • Access BidShift by clicking on the BidShift link from the AHCS intranet home page. Or, from your home, just visit, using any Internet browser.
  • On the main BidShift Web page, select “Click here to sign up!” Enter your employee ID as your username, and establish a password. Having an e-mail address is not a requirement for using BidShift, but if you have one, you can fill it in here so you can receive notifications.
  • Enter your personal demographic and position information.
  • Click through the Skill Listing, and indicate all your current areas of experience. These are used to match your skills with the skills needed for a particular shift.
  • Click “Submit Registration” to submit your profile. Your manager will then review and approve your profile. Once approved, you will receive an e-mail message that your profile has been activated, or you can check with your manager.

How Do I Request Open Shifts?

  • Return to the BidShift Web site.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Choose “all qualified shifts” to view all open shifts for which you qualify, or click on one of the other categories to see a shorter list.
  • Click on the shift you want to work.
  • Click “Request this Shift” and “Done.”
  • You can log on later and view the shifts you have requested and the shifts you have been awarded (scheduled) by clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of the screen.

If you have questions about BidShift, please contact your manager.

A Few Things That You Should Know

  • It is your responsibility to check the BidShift site to see if you have been awarded a shift you requested. If you provided a valid e-mail address in your profile, you will receive an e-mail notification of a shift award, but it is your responsibility to check your e-mail.
  • Awarded shifts are considered scheduled shifts. If you fail to report for the shift, it is counted as an absence. You must follow the established policy if you cannot work a scheduled shift.
  • You must meet your regular schedule commitment and remain as an employee in good standing to maintain your eligibility to use BidShift.
  • You may request as many shifts as you like. If you are awarded a shift, any other shifts you might have requested that overlap with the one you were awarded are automatically removed from your list of requests.
  • Feel free to request to work on other units. As appropriate, unit-specific orientation will be arranged.
  • You may retract your request for a particular shift as long as that shift has not already been awarded to you. Click on the “View My Bids” tab, click on the shift, and click “Retract My Request.”
  • If you log on to BidShift, you will be able to tell if you have been awarded a shift that you requested earlier no later than four hours before the shift begins. In many cases, shifts will be awarded much earlier than that, so don’t delay in submitting requests for shifts that you’re interested in working.