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Nursing Careers

At Adventist Health, our nurses are mission owners who boldly serve our patients. Choosing to work at Adventist Health means you’ll be surrounded by likeminded nurses who value the opportunity to provide whole-person care that addresses each patient’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

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Many nurses chose their profession because they truly want to make a difference. Unfortunately many have also found themselves stuck in environments where they can’t provide the quality of care they strive to give. But it’s different here.

At Adventist Health, you’re part of a team on a mission — and not just any mission. It’s our desire to demonstrate our mission with every patient we come into contact with by providing quality, whole-person healing. That means we depend on mission-minded nurses to carry that holistic healing to every patient every day.

You are passionate about your work, but the rest of your life is important too. That’s why we offer a full range of benefits, competitive salaries and well-supported professional development. Our medical campuses and the entire Adventist Health network are committed to your personal well-being as part of our team.

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