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Adventist Health and Rideout Honors September 2023 BE Award Recipients

Awards & Recognition

The BE award recognizes associates who exemplify Adventist Health "BE" statements (Be Love, Be a Force for Food, Be a Mission Owner, Be Welcoming, Be Curious, Be Brilliant). All Adventist Health and Rideout associates at the hospital, outpatient clinics and skilled nursing facility are eligible for nomination.

Here are our BE Award winners for September 2023:

Danita JonesBE Award Recipient: Danita Jones

Department: Perinatal
Nominated By: Esther Corbett
BE Statement: Be a Mission Owner

Esther Corbett: “Danita has a great deal of pride in the work she does for Adventist Health + Rideout on the Perinatal unit. She is a prime example of taking ownership of the importance of her job and has proven to be a valuable part of our team. Examples of this include checking in with the charge nurse frequently and always being aware of what's happening on the floor throughout the entire shift. She is efficient and ensures our rooms are clean to the highest standard and ready for our patients. I have observed her training new staff and she does an excellent job ensuring they clean and prepare the rooms correctly. Danita has been the drive behind a recent project to clean up our locker room and donate unused nursing and tennis shoes in good condition to those in need. She deserves to be recognized for her loyalty and dedication to our hospital."

Casey InsixiengmayBE Award Recipient: Casey Insixiengmay

Department: Emergency Department
Nominated By: Cathleen Simpson
BE Statement: Be a Force for Good

Cathleen Simpson: “Casey always goes above and beyond to support our staff and encourages their professional growth and education. He leads by example as evidenced by participating in the MBA program along with his leadership team to not only better himself but to support others in the program. He often shares his wisdom, guidance, and fatherly advice to others outside of our department in an effort to improve their outcomes. In addition to his daily dose of being a force for good for our staff, today Casey went above and beyond for one of our ED patients. A patient having excruciating chest pain presented to the ED and was rushed back to a treatment room. Dr. Stanton evaluated the patient and confirmed what the patient already knew, he was having a heart attack. As he waited for test results in the critical care section, he shared with the nurses he was worried about his car. He stated he left it in the ED driveway because of the pain he was experiencing. When he asked the physician if he could move his car, the answer was a definitive "no". Casey heard of the situation and began reaching out to our risk/compliance team. Once he received all clear, he put on his proverbial superman cape and went to the patients rescue. He asked the patient for permission to move his car. The patient was very grateful and gave Casey the keys along with instructions of how to wiggle the gear shift just right to get it to move into gear. Casey went out to the ED entrance, located the patient's vehicle, and moved it to a safe parking place in the ED parking lot. Casey’s efforts did not stop there. He noticed the patient's cell phone sitting in the center console. He was concerned that someone would break into the car and steal the patient's phone. Casey took the phone, made certain the vehicle was safely locked, and returned to the patient's bedside. He gave the patient his keys and presented him with his phone. The patient was beyond grateful and could now rest easy and focus on healing his heart. A huge thank you to Casey for being a "force for good" for this patient during his difficult time and to his staff always.”

Dr. Navdeep SharmaBE Award Recipient (Physician Category): Dr. Navdeep Sharma

Nominated By: Gurpreet Sandhu
BE Phrase: Be a Force for Good

Gurpreet Sandhu: “Dr. Sharma is not only an excellent physician but a great human being and team player. Dr. Sharma is a force for good, he is always willing to take the time and listen to staff and even jump in to help with situations that may arise on the floor. We had a combative patient and security was called, Dr. Sharma was charting, he left what he was doing and came and stood by us till security came, so the situation would not get escalated."